NOAA Weather Radio
If you are in North Jefferson County program your radio using the Augusta tower and if in the Southern parts of the county using the Sandersville tower.
  • Jefferson 013163 Augusta
  • Jefferson 013163 Sandersville
Always Watch Local Television From Augusta for Weather Updates (cable news stations are not geographically specific):
  • 6 WJBF
  • 12 (31) WRDW
  • 26 (30) WAGT
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Internet Weather Sources
National Weather Service Radar: Interactive Radar

Weather Alerting on Your Phone or Mobile Device
Note: Some charges may apply or fees for downloading the app.

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are free wireless notifications that are delivered to your mobile device as part of a new public safety system provided by authorized cell phone services. They are designed to inform you of imminent threats to safety or missing person alerts in your area. In order to receive WEAs, you must have a capable device and be located in an area (e.g., county) targeted by authorized senders to receive the alert. Some cell phone networks in Catawba County are issuing these and the messages may include tornado warnings.
Jefferson County Emergency Management is not selling any of the above links or services. We do not guarantee any of them - these are provided for your information and are some that we have tried or our staff utilizes.
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