Civil & Transport Division

Civil Division
The Civil Division is responsible for the service and execution of all civil processes originating out of the judicial system. These processes include:
  • Condemnations
  • Evictions
  • FiFas
  • Property seizures summonses
  • Protection orders
  • Temporary probate orders
  • Writs
Transport Division
The Prisoner Transport Unit is responsible for meeting the prisoner transportation needs of the agency. This unit is responsible for providing transportation of inmates to and from court, outside for medical or dental care, to and from other detention facilities and mental health institutes. The unit also handles transportation of inmates from within or outside the county and for other authorized purposes, such as substance abuse programs or family funerals.

Phone: 478-625-8834
Phone: 478-625-7538
Fax: 478-625-1441
Fax: 478-625-4039