• 5:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of Each Month
  • Board of Elections Office
    415 Green Street
    Louisville, GA 30434
The meetings are open to the public.


The Board of Elections has 5 members. Each member is elected for four (4) year terms. 
Each member shall be eligible to succeed him or herself to serve successive terms and
have the right to resign at any time with written notice to the Jefferson County Board of
Commissioners, who are the appointing authority, and to the clerk of court.

The members are:
  • Carolyn Huntley-Chairperson
  • Rebecca Gibbons
  • Verna Hudson
  • Charles Milburn
  • William Valduga

Primary Responsibilities

The Jefferson County Board of Elections office was established in 2011, for the purpose of performing all duties relating to elections and voter registration. Our objectives include:
  • Maintaining an accurate voter registration list for Jefferson County
  • Conducting fair and legal elections
  • Ensuring that all eligible citizens are given an opportunity to register to vote, to cast a ballot, and to have their ballot accurately counted
  • Promoting public confidence by conducting elections in an efficient and transparent manner

Top 5 Responsibilities

  1. Conducting elections
  2. Registration of voters
  3. Maintaining list of registered voters
  4. Coordinating poll workers and supplies used at the polling places
  5. Circulating information to public

History of the Board

  • Created in 2011 for the purpose of conducting elections and voter registration.
  • Prior to 2011, elections were conducted by the Probate Court and voter registration was conducted in the Voter Registrar’s Office.
  • Current Election Superintendent is Susan Gray who was appointed in 2011.
Ensuring That Every Eligible Voter's Ballot is Accurately Counted