Tax Assessor's Office

Chief Appraiser
The Chief Appraiser is appointed by the members of the Board of Assessors.

  • Certifies annual tax digest and related documents to BOA
  • Hires staff
  • Responsible for daily office operations
  • Works with Tax Commissioner in preparing digest for submission to the Georgia Department of Revenue
Appraisal Staff Responsibilities
  • Appraisal of all commercial and industrial real estate
  • Appraisal of all real and personal properties, taxable and exempt including; residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial
  • Appraise aircraft
  • Appraise business personal property
  • Appraise manufactured homes
  • Appraise marine equipment
  • Maintain ownership records for real and personal property accounts
  • Process requests for tax exempt status (churches, charities, etc..) and applications for specialized assessment
  • Process returns and appeals of real and personal property
  • Receive applications for Freeport exemption
  • Receive personal property returns