County Agencies & Affiliations

  1. Association of County Commissioners of Georgia

    The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) works to ensure that the counties can provide the necessary leadership, services, and programs to meet the health, safety and welfare needs of their citizens.

  2. Board of Education

    The Jefferson County Board of Education strives to partner with the community in creating a learning culture that challenges, supports, and ensures the success of every child, every day.

  3. Cemeteries

    Access a listing of all cemeteries located in Jefferson County, Georgia.

  4. Genealogy

    Visit the Jefferson County Genealogy website to learn about the history of Jefferson County dating back to 1796.

  5. Hospital

    The Jefferson Hospital works to provide quality, community-based primary health care to the citizens of Jefferson and surrounding counties.

  6. Jefferson County Development Authority

    Access development incentive information, locate available buildings, learn about natural resources, and more.

  7. Library

    Learn about the Jefferson County Library System and find a nearby library.